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To my followers!!!!!!

I’ve got a question for you. So I got The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook and I am really interested in making a lot of them, taking pictures of how they turned out, and giving a review on their taste. I want to post them either on this blog or make a separate blog for it. I will take on the challenge of eating squirrel and other critters.

I am wondering how many people would be interested in reading it. I don’t want to take this on if no one will read it because it is going to take a lot of work to find specialty stores that sell things such as dove, pheasant, squirrel, primrose, knotweed, milkweed, etc. 

If you could just like this post if it would be something you would be interested in seeing that would really help. And spread the word!

Thank you! 

EDIT: I’m extending this post to the entire fandom because I need all the support I can get.